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    Digital Payments

Receive payments quickly and easily!

An established digital payments provider for Merchants or Enterprises.
Receive payments quickly and easily. Accept, Exchange, Send or Store Digital Payments immediately!

Digital Payments Processing!

B2BinPay® is an established digital payments provider for Merchants and Enterprises.

Empowers businesses to Accept, Exchange, Send or Store Digital Payments securely, quickly and at a low cost across the globe in an instant!

Merchants Solution

Digital Payments Solution Enable payments in Вitcоin, Вitcоin Cash, Liteсоin, Ripple’s XRP and many more!

Get the edge against your competitors with one of the leading digital payments solutions.

Enterprise Solution

Digital Wallets, send and get paid in virtual currencies including Вitcоin, Еthеrеum, Моnerо and more!

Trustworthy wallet solutions from an established digital payments provider which are reliable, secure and scalable. Get B2BinPay® today.

Merchant Tools

A selection of tools that are easily and safely integrated into your business. Receive digital payments and cash settlements quickly while guarding against volatility in the market. Eliminate chargebacks, card fraud and high fees with our efficient service!

Experience the best payments solution and lowest fees around!  The best way to accept cross-border payments safely, and at the lowest cost.

Payment Features


Use your mobile web browser to gain quick access to your dashboard.


Advanced reports for downloading include real-time balance and transaction history, fees, etc.


Two-factor authentication enables maximum security for your merchant account.

Expand Your Business

Grow your business internationally by offering digital payments.

Secure API

The means to integrate B2BinPay easily and safely. Fully supported.

Keep Updated

Stay on track with your transactions with email, mobile and server notifications.


Advanced security features include DDoS attack prevention, full data encryption and complete blockchain transparency.

Low Fees

No need to pay up to 5% credit card fees. Accept digital payments with the lowest fees of just 0.5%.


The best digital payments solution from a leading provider. Accept/Send digital payments across the globe!

We aim to provide an easy-to-use digital payments solution to all our customers. Get ready to accept digital payments from across the world with B2BinPay!